How NetForum empowers healthcare associations with fixed pricing and unparalleled support

When it’s time to find new association management software, your organization needs to be extra careful with your budget. As much as possible, your association will want to control your future costs.

That’s why NetForum empowers healthcare associations, like American Orthopaedic Association, with a fee structure that supports your organization’s bottom line with a fixed-cost, transparent pricing structure. Your association will never be charged for quarterly product updates, nor will you be charged for an external CRM.

American Orthopaedic Association, Business Analyst and Technology Manager, Kerry Lennon

"The entire team is really happy to be with NetForum, from our Executive Director to accounting to committees, membership management, fellowship, fundraising and donations. This is changing our world."

With NetForum, you’ll gain access to our world-class customer support and a dedicated customer success manager. Because NetForum is built on Microsoft Azure, you’llHealthcare associations love NetForum also gain a trusted technology partner.

Read our blog to learn more about the many benefits of choosing NetForum. And discover why the American Orthopaedic Association (AOA) chose NetForum for its transparent pricing structure and unparalleled customer support.

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Why the American Orthopaedic Association chose NetForum

The American Orthopaedic Association (AOA) equips orthopaedic surgeons with the knowledge and skills necessary to lead effectively in the ever-changing landscape of the health care environment. Through its diverse constituency of orthopaedic leaders, the AOA focuses on leadership, academic, and critical issues associated with the specialty.

Featuring over 2,000 members and affiliates collectively, AOA needed a comprehensive AMS platform with strong integration capabilities. To support its members, AOA wanted a robust AMS while also gaining efficiency for its smaller staff and IT department of one.
AOA chose NetForum for its transparent pricing, powerful technology, integration capabilities, and organized implementation process.

With its previous AMS, AOA experienced an incomplete implementation and data conversion. AOA’s old platform was filled with broken processes and workarounds. Additionally, AOA was routinely hit by extra costs and a lack of customer support. When choosing NetForum, AOA was amazed by its fixed, transparent pricing structure and world-class customer support.

American Orthopaedic Association results post NetForum implementation

With NetForum, now AOA can work smarter, not harder. So far, here is what AOA has accomplished with NetForum since its implementation:

NetForum has a fixed-cost and transparent pricing structure

  • The member experience is improving with NetForum’s Express Pay, a quick and easy way for members to securely pay for membership renewal, subscriptions, and other e-commerce payments.
  • AOA staff is becoming more data-driven with hundreds of association-specific reports covering accounting, fundraising, and donation, all included in NetForum.
  • AOA’s annual renewal process now only takes 15 minutes instead of countless hours across two months.
  • AOA’s implementation and training team ensured staff were 99% trained for NetForum usage upon launch.
  • AOA now owns and accesses its code, utilizing data configurations added to its system.

Why do associations choose NetForum?

NetForum partners with Microsoft, ensuring cutting edge benefits for the associations who choose NetForum AMS. When you select NetForum your organization will have the confidence of best-in-class security and multiregional disaster recovery, 1 TB Azure Document storage, $1 Billion annual investment, and 99.9-99.99% uptime.

Associations like AOA select NetForum as their technology partner for a variety of reasons. Here are five more reasons your association should consider NetForum:

  • 20+ years of association experience
  • 95% of Fortune 500 use Microsoft Azure
  • 96% customer retention rate
  • 10+ year customer relationships
  • 45+ world class NPS score

How can associations benefit from choosing NetForum as a technology partner?

A major reason mid-to large size associations choose NetForum is because of our long-term experience in the association industry. Here’s what we can offer you as a technology partner:Healthcare association chooses NetForum

  • Fixed costs to meet association budget
  • World-class customer support
  • Dedicated customer success manager
  • User conferences, town halls, and trainings
  • Independent user community

Why you should choose NetForum AMS for modern technology

If your association is looking for a modern AMS, look no further than NetForum. Here are the top benefits NetForum can offer your organization:

Learn more
Want to learn more about the American Orthopaedic Association (AOA) and why the organization chose NetForum? Read the entire success story today.

See how AOA staff and members benefit from user-friendly processes with NetForum.

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