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Understanding the Basics of AMS Pricing

If you’re looking to invest in an AMS option, you may find that comparing AMS pricing can be complicated. That’s because it depends on several factors relating to the company you choose and your requirements and goals. Whatever you need for your association, it’s important to understand how AMS license pricing types work and what will best fit your requirements.

There are several key factors contributing to association management software costs, all of which you will want to consider to find the right option for your organization. It’s crucial to consider elements that go beyond the upfront cost, from how you make your selection to how long you’ll be using it. Knowing what to evaluate at the beginning of the process will optimize your search and help you settle on an option that will benefit your organization.

AMS Selection Process

The AMS selection process involves six primary factors that you’ll want to keep at the forefront of your research as you come to a final decision.

How Do You Plan to Pay?

Your plan for purchasing AMS software is a pivotal part of your selection process. Make sure you have a good sense of your revenue and funding options. Understand the total cost of ownership you’ll be accruing when you implement your AMS software. As you’re considering funding options, think about possibilities such as sponsorships and advertising that might be helpful.

What Do You Want Your AMS to Do?

What capabilities do you want your AMS to handle for you? Whether it’s fundraising, database management, automation of manual procedures or various other possibilities, evaluate what you need and prioritize according to your most urgent requirements.

How Will You Implement It?

The implementation process is a crucial part of AMS selection, so make sure you know what you’re looking for as you begin. Consider the integrations and procedures you’ll need to cover and determine your time constraints before moving toward implementation.

Who Will Be Using It?

Most vendors will base their AMS offering’s price on the operational considerations of your organization. Factors such as the number of administrators who will be using the system and the number of members’ data you will be storing can have a sizable impact on your system’s overall cost. Ensure that you’ve given thought to who needs to access the information, how many people you will be managing through the system, and your user and budget priorities.

How Long Do You Plan on Using It?

Are you considering using the system for a temporary need, or do you have a long-term, far-reaching plan for your AMS software? The capabilities you’ll need from the system will be significantly different depending on the duration of use, so you’ll want to have a clear idea of how long you plan to employ it.

Best Ways to Keep Costs Down

When you’re ready to select an AMS, keep in mind several factors that can keep the cost down:

  • Follow best practices: Be open to your implementation team’s suggestions to lower the cost and ensure that you’re following best practices to optimize cost-efficiency.
  • Extend your contract: Consider extending your SaaS solution to be a multiyear agreement — a longer-term contract can offer significant savings for the service.
  • Minimize data conversion: Prioritize the data that needs to be converted from your old AMS to streamline the transition and save on expenses.
  • Phase the transition: Split the work into phases to make the costs and labor more manageable and efficient.

How Much Does an AMS Cost?

When it comes to your final decision, AMS costs are tied to your unique needs. Implementation and other crucial factors have a major role in the final cost of getting the new system, so it’s important to know what you want and what your priorities are. You’ll want to carefully assess your needs before diving in and then continue to evaluate your requirements as you move forward. 

If you’d like to discuss your specific situation and get an estimate on your project, take a look at our ultimate AMS pricing guide to get a ballpark figure or to request a quote.     

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