NetForum A-Score™ – Member Engagement Scoring

NetForum’s proprietary A-Score technology measures member engagement to help you make smarter, faster decisions when it comes to connecting with your members.


  • Better understand your members and their engagement levels through A-Score technology.

  • Target members with personalized messaging to get them more involved and improve retention.

  • Drive revenue through personalized re-engagement campaigns.

  • Improve member-specific data and reporting to identify trends and better serve your members.

Member Engagement Study

Aligning organization strategy with what matters most to members

Use NetForum Engagement Scoring to calculate and analyze the health of each member’s relationship with your organization & improve member engagement.

Configurable measurements

Determine the interactions most meaningful to your organization – such as renewals, donations, products purchased, events attended, committee and advocacy activity, and social behavior – and weight their value.

Automated engagement scoring

Based on your unique requirements, A-Score automatically scores member behavior in real-time.

Advanced engagement reporting

View advanced engagement reports and analyze member history to understand which members are most involved, and which aren’t. Use these insights to kickstart targeted engagement campaigns.

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