Did you know? NetForum is now more accessible than ever before! Organizations including mid-market to enterprise-level can now choose NetForum for comprehensive association management software (AMS) to meet their specific needs.

NetForum identified a need in the market for associations that wish to implement a new AMS system quickly without heavy customization,” said Tim Ward, General Manager of NetForum. “Mid-size associations with a smaller implementation budget, or organizations that are not having success with their current AMS and need to move quickly to a new system, can now leverage NetForum.” To reflect these exciting changes, the NetForum website is getting a makeover.  

Keep reading to learn more about the upcoming NetForum website updates. 

Why is NetForum updating its website? netforum URL change

NetForum is updating its website to reflect the recent changes to our AMS. Not long ago, NetForum saw a need in the AMS market. There are great software solutions for small and large organizations, but there was a lack of offerings for mid-market associations. Now, organizations that have a smaller budget, a limited IT team, or a reduced timeline can choose NetForum as their comprehensive AMS.

With NetForum’s new off-the-shelf offerings, mid-market organizations can get all the standard features needed to save staff time, maximize revenue, and enhance the member experience. Choosing NetForum’s optimized adoption provides our ten most popular modules to grow your organization and expand member value, while still providing enterprise-level functionality.

The Canadian Association of Emergency Physicians (CAEP) recently chose Netforum’s optimized adoption method and experienced great success. “As soon as we kicked off the implementation the team was amazing,” said Christina Bova, CAEP Director of Member Engagement and Advocacy. “Our Project Manager kept us on track with weekly check-ins. Everyone was amazing and really responsive…It was not stressful at all. We finished under time and under budget!” Moving forward, even more mid-market associations can choose NetForum’s optimized adoption to enhance the staff and member experience and exceed organizational goals.  

NetForum’s optimized adoption is a great choice for organizations of any size who need a robust AMS but are up against expiration dates, coming up on a renewal with their current AMS, or simply want to get up and running within a few months. With the abbreviated timeline, an organization can be live on NetForum in as little as four months. Once live, they can continue to add-on to the AMS and scale it to meet their needs as they grow.  

Enterprise-level organizations remain a focus for NetForum and can still leverage all of the robust features designed to exceed member expectations and deliver a superior staff experience. Pick NetForum’s configured adoption to meet your association-specific needs, drive revenue, and hit your strategic goals.

netforum website updateWhat is the name of the new NetForum website?

The current NetForum website address, www.netforumams.com, is moving to our new address, www.NetForumAMS.com. Once the updates go live, the old address will automatically redirect to our new website, making it easy to find NetForum. 

When will the NetForum website go live? 

The NetForum website will be updated in mid-October to reflect these exciting organizational changes. You’ll see new messaging on the website to reflect our updated product.   

Learn more about NetForum AMS 

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NetForum now offers two implementation methods to fit your organization's needs best.

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