How the right payment processing tools can save time and increase revenue for your association

Read on to learn how having the right payment processing tools in place can help your association work more efficiently and make it easier for members to pay their invoices.  


NetForum Express Pay helps streamline invoice payments and improve member retention.

Learn how the ACC used NetForum Express Pay and saw an increase in early membership renewals.

When you consider how to save time and increase revenue for your growing association, payment processing might not be the first thing you think about. After all, payment processing isn’t particularly exciting. It’s just something you must do, right?  

But having the right tools built into your AMS for payment processing can help you save time that’s better spent on other revenue-generating activities. It can also make it easier for members to pay their invoices, meaning your association sees payments earlier. 

Let’s look at two effective approaches that your payment processing tools should support:  

Reducing friction for member payments 

Many associations struggle with unpaid invoices, lapses in membership renewals due to nonpayment, and time spent reaching out to members with renewal reminders. The right payment processing tool can help you move past these challenges, saving you time and getting money into your account faster.  

For instance, you can use Express Pay functionality in NetForum association management software (AMS) to give anyone with an Express Pay link the ability to make a payment online without logging into the system. That means you could, say, send an invoice to a corporate member, and an assistant could pay the membership dues on behalf of multiple members from that organization – with just one click.  

Here’s a real-world example: The Association of Corporate Counsel, a NetForum client, uses Express Pay to reduce staff time spent tracking down membership renewal payments and give members an easier and more efficient way to pay invoices. Since implementing Express Pay, they’ve seen one example of 150 corporate members renewing at once with the click of one link. They now spend less time chasing membership renewal payments, and they’re seeing a shift to people paying invoices early or on time.  

Find out more about how NetForum Express Pay helps the Association of Corporate Counsel streamline invoice payments: Read the case study  

Processing donations more efficiently 

If fundraising is part of your association’s revenue-generating plan, then processing gifts more efficiently should be a top priority. Doing so can make the process smoother for your donors and help your staff to save time. 

NetForum AMS includes fundraising capabilities that help you streamline gift processing so your staff has more time for other fundraising activities. For example, NetForum supports batch gift entry to make faster work of processing checks or credit cards received in person. It’s a quick way to input many gifts at one time in a spreadsheet format, versus inputting gifts manually, record-by-record. You can also use visual workflows in NetForum to automate common, manual activities associated with gift processing, such as sending acknowledgments and tax receipts.  

Learn more

As your association grows and evolves, be sure to look for an AMS system that helps you streamline your organization’s payment processing. It will help you work more efficiently, saving valuable staff time and boosting revenue for your association. 

Learn more about how NetForum AMS by Community Brands can help your association save staff time, maximize revenue, and deliver a great member experience: Request a demo  

Remove the friction in member payments with Express Pay

Learn how the ACC used NetForum Express Pay to streamline their payment processes, increase renewals, and save valuable staff time.

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