3 data security factors to consider in your next AMS

Your members trust your association with their personal information. Shouldn’t you trust your association management software (AMS) to protect your members’ data? Read on to learn about three security factors to look for in your next AMS.

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Your association collects and stores large amounts of personal and sensitive information about members, prospective members, and other constituents. They trust your organization with this data. So, doesn’t it make sense to ensure you trust the association management software you use to store and protect that data?  

Here are three security factors to consider when you’re thinking about your next AMS system: 

1. The ability to centralize data

When your data is in multiple systems, it can be a big challenge to keep it safe and comply with data privacy laws and guidelines. When you look for a new AMS system, make sure it’s robust and feature-rich, so that your entire organization can manage and optimize every stage of the member lifecycle in one location. 

For example, NetForum AMS by Community Brands includes extensive features and functionality to help you manage everything from memberships and marketing to fundraising and accounting – all in one system. This approach means that you’ll have fewer places to worry about when it comes to securing your data and ensuring your data safety practices are consistent and compliant.

2. Built-in data security practices

In addition to allowing you to manage your association’s data in a centralized system, it’s also important that your AMS offers a strong foundation for data security and privacy.

For example, NetForum AMS:  

  • Offers multiple ways for you to control access to your data so that users can view and edit only the data they should, depending on their role or relationship with your organization
  • Encrypts your data when it’s being moved from one place to another
  • Is built on the Microsoft Azure cloud computing platform, giving your association modern security benefits of the Azure environment through NetForum, including network security and monitoring, cost-effective backup and recovery, and built-in cloud governance capabilities to help ensure your association meets data regulation requirements

3. A vendor with a strong commitment to security

When you place a high priority on data security, you should work with an AMS vendor that values security, too. Make sure your AMS vendor follows industry-standard best practices to help ensure the security of your data.

The NetForum team places high importance on security testing and maintains a compliance program that follows industry best practices and secures industry certifications to help ensure data security for all customers. For example, NetForum has successfully completed an assessment for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard Requirements and Security Assessment Procedures (PCI DSS) compliance.  

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As your association continues to grow and evolve, keeping your member data secure will help to maintain and improve members’ trust in your organization. Be sure to look for an AMS system and vendor that supports strong security practices to reduce issues and keep your association going strong for years to come. 

Learn more about how to find the right AMS to help protect your association’s member data and reduce security risks. Read the guide, 6 Critical Security Questions to Ask About Your Next AMS.

What to know to protect your association's member data and reduce risk.

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