How to improve your association’s member experience with engagement scoring

Measuring the engagement level of your members helps you deepen relationships and deliver a better member experience.

Here’s how NetForum’s A-Score functionality gives you the member engagement insights you need to enhance the member experience.

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How to improve your association’s member experienceEngagement Scoring Improves Member Experience

If you’re like many association professionals, you’re looking for ways to provide a better member experience. Community Brands research shows that improving member engagement opportunities and enhancing the member experience are top goals for associations.

So, imagine if you could automatically measure the health of your association’s relationship with its members. Just think about how you could deepen your relationship with members and improve the member experience if you could see a metric at any time that indicated the strength of each member’s engagement level.

With member engagement scoring, you can.

What can your association do with member engagement scoring?

Here’s what you can do with member engagement scoring:

  • Identify groups of members who are in danger of lapsing and then reach out to find out how you can make their member experience more valuable.
  • Find members who are moderately engaged so that you can target them with campaigns to get them more involved and encourage them to purchase more of your association’s products that are most likely to interest them.
  • Pinpoint members who are highly engaged and invite them to become leaders in your organization.
  • Uncover engagement levels of non-members and target those who are most engaged (and therefore most likely to join) with communications to encourage them to join.

What is member engagement scoring?

Member engagement scoring is one of the most effective ways to continually provide an experience that meets, and even exceeds, your members’ expectations. By scoring each member’s level of involvement with your organization, based on criteria that you set, you can determine the health of their relationship with your organization, and then take action to save them from lapsing or get them more engaged.

You can even score engagement levels of non-members to help inform your member acquisition efforts.

Member engagement scoring is made easier with NetForum A-Score

Of course, measuring member engagement levels manually isn’t feasible. It’s too time-consuming to be useful. It needs to be automated.

That’s why NetForum association management software includes A-Score functionality. A-Score is proprietary member engagement scoring capabilities that make member engagement scoring easier.

It allows you to specify the member interactions that are most meaningful to your organization and then automatically calculate scores based on member behavior, on an ongoing basis, to show you which individuals are most (and least) engaged. This gives you insights on each member’s health that you need to act and get members involved.

So, without a lot of manual work, you’re able to take the right action and send the right messages at the right time to the right people – rewarding engaged members and reconnecting with those less engaged.

What can you do with NetForum A-Score?

A-Score can be used across your entire association – from your leadership to your staff, and from membership and marketing to fundraising. Think of it as a data-driven way to kickstart targeted engagement campaigns. It makes trends jump out so you can engage more effectively with specific groups of members.

For some more specific examples, you could use A-Score to:Move members to the next level with engagement scoring

Move members to the next level
If you see a pattern of increasing engagement among a group of members, you could cultivate them for new volunteer opportunities, speaking at an event, or serving on your board.

Identify potential donors
Exceed your association’s fundraising goals by finding members who have never donated and have high engagement scores. These are great donor prospects because they’re clearly passionate about your organization. Target these members with a specific fundraising ask.

Convert non-members to members
Find non-members with moderate engagement scores and target them with messages about how they can save on events or other activities they’re already participating in if they join.

What organizations can NetForum A-Score™ help?

NetForum association management software serves mid-to-large sized organizations, meeting the unique needs of associations, nonprofits, and member-based organizations. With NetForum A-Score functionality, your organization can enhance its member engagement strategy, making member scoring easy.

Now with NetForum’s optimized adoption, your organization can get online in just 16 weeks, jumpstarting your entire approach to member engagement and helping you exceed your member personalization goals.

Ready to discover how NetForum’s optimized adoption advances the member experience? Learn why the Canadian Association of Emergency Physicians chose NetForum’s optimized adoption to amplify its mission. Read the success story.

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Member engagement scoring can help you develop an engaging member experience that delights your members and keeps them around for years to come. Find out more about A-Score member engagement scoring capabilities in NetForum: Read the guide, Improve Your Association’s Member Experience with Engagement Scoring.

Work smarter, not harder.

Learn how to automatically score member engagement levels to help you deliver a great member experience.

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