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The NetForum team addressed precisely this topic in their AMS Fest presentation titled “Work Smart with NetForum”

As 2020 showed us, things can change quickly. You never know when your association will need to change processes and even communications channels to continue providing value for your members.  That’s why it’s so important for your staff to work as efficiently as possible. By increasing your association staff’s efficiency today, you’re better positioned to adapt to changes in your industry, in member needs and expectations, and even in our world. 

That’s also why enabling efficiency is a key concept behind NetForum Enterprise association management software (AMS). In fact, at the June 2021 AMS Fest, the NetForum Enterprise team focused on the topic of “Work Smart with NetForum”.  Let’s take a look at a few of the many ways NetForum Enterprise by Community Brands can help your association work more efficiently: 

  • Managing the organization in one place – NetForum Enterprise includes more than 30 modules to provide functionality for even the most complex organizations. So, your staff can manage everything from membership processes and chapters to fundraising and accounting – all in one place, without needing to juggle multiple systems. 
  1. Convenience – The Community Brands team manages the NetForum Cloud environment, removing the time-consuming burden from you of maintaining hardware and software updates.
  2. Scalability – You can employ auto-scaling within Microsoft Azure’s Cloud Services infrastructure to scale servers up or down depending on organizational demand and computing needs.
  3. Enhanced integration – With NetForum Cloud, your staff can connect other cloud services and apps easily and efficiently. 
  • Working in the modern cloud – NetForum Enterprise has been rearchitected for Microsoft Azure Cloud Services. That means it now offers customers all of the premium enterprise association management functionality that NetForum Enterprise has delivered for years, plus the added benefits of Microsoft Azure Cloud Services. Some of the key benefits that support staff efficiency include: 
  • Gaining (and using) data insights more easily – Nucleus, the first data analytics solution developed for associations, is now a Community Brands product that integrates with NetForum Enterprise to give stakeholders in your organization (staff, executives, board members) insights needed to make faster, data-driven decisions. Using Nucleus with NetForum Enterprise cuts down on the need for your staff to spend valuable time pulling data from multiple systems when they need to run a report or analyze some aspect of their departmental function – giving them more time to spend on higher value activities. 
  • Adopting visual workflows for automation – NetForum Enterprise allows you to simplify and streamline your organization’s day-to-day operations by automating common tasks using the built-in graphical workflow builder. You can define the automation as a specific response to an activity, such as sending a welcome email, or by building a combination of action items to create a complete set of actions, such as processing a product return. 
  • Optimizing project management – The time module in NetForum Enterprise helps your staff to organize tasks, expenses, work types, and billing and invoice procedures to ensure your projects operate efficiently. For example, if your staff is running multiple projects, they can use the time module to: 
  1. Manage the progress of each project with definitive tasks, work types, and completion dates.  
  2. View progress with easy-to-use project profile pages.  
  3. Create universal expense types and expense categories and billing and invoice procedures to be used against any project.  
  4. Easily submit time and expenses against multiple projects.  
  5. Easily create and track invoices.  
  6. Automatically calculate billing periods for easy follow up

Take the next step 

These are just a few of the ways NetForum Enterprise can help your staff work more smarter, leaving more time to focus on higher value activities, like delivering a great member experience. Find out more about how NetForum Enterprise can turn your organization into a model of efficiency: Explore NetForum Enterprise. 


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