NetForum Ideas Portal launched and already impactful

The new NetForum Ideas Portal encourages users to share (and vote on) ideas

Multiple suggestions have already been made part of NetForum and more are in development.

NetForum is one of the most well-established and full-featured AMS systems in existence and ongoing improvement is a major focus – and to assist with that, the NetForum development team has formalized a convenient way for users to be an ongoing part of the development and prioritization process. These ideas have always been important to the development team and they wanted to offer an easy way for users to not only articulate their own ideas, but also see and act on the enhancement ideas of others. 

That’s where the new NetForum Ideas Portal comes in. 

What is the NetForum Ideas Portal?
The Ideas Portal was conceived and developed to make it easier and more convenient for NetForum customers to share product enhancement ideas with each other and the NetForum development team. In addition to posting suggestions of their own, the Portal allows users to:  

  • Browse one another’s ideas for inspiration. 
  • Upvote ideas put forth by others.
  • Help the NetForum development team prioritize suggestions that are of the broadest interest.  

The NetForum Ideas Portal story
A labor of love on the part of long time NetForum customer advocate Tracy Fussell, the Ideas Portal was announced at the April 2021 NetForum Customer Town Hall and has made an immediate impact, with 3 suggestions already incorporated into the product and more in the development pipeline.  

NetForum has always had an active and engaged user base. In fact, one of the things customers say they love about NetForum Enterprise is the robust user community. The NetForum Users Group is an active, independent group with some 700 members. The entire NetForum community is excited to have this new vehicle for sharing ideas. 

Learn more 
For anyone considering joining the NetForum community, the new Ideas Portal is yet another significant reason to do so. If you haven’t seen NetForum in a while, it’s time to take a look. Find out why NetForum is industry-leading member management software for large associations: Request a demo.

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