NetForum Users Group

Transforming users into superusers

Why @UG?

The purpose of the @UG is to share solutions, pool resources and information and provide a unified point of view in discussions with NetForum product teams. The group supports the long-term success of NetForum products by providing feedback to NetForum resulting from product testing, making new feature requests and general product and service improvement suggestions.

Why Join @UG?

@UG provides a venue for members to network with each other to solve problems, via a community site and in-person meetings. The @UG’s community site also serves as the repository of knowledge for users of NetForum products and contains the meeting agendas, minutes, membership directory, and many other important documents.

Once your organization signs a design or implementation agreement with NetForum, you are entitled to join. Membership is organizationally-based, and therefore more than one individual from a member organization may attend the meetings and access the members only section of this site.