Say goodbye to scary association software updates

man scared of updatesYou don’t have to hide from spooky software updates anymore. 

Here’s how automatic updates with NetForum Cloud take the cost and hassle out of product upgrades.

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Do you cringe when you think about managing updates to your association management software (AMS)? For many association professionals, keeping up with the latest version of an AMS can seem scary. You want to have access to all of the latest product features, but you don’t want any extra hassle or costs that might be associated with moving to the latest update. 

If this sounds familiar, think about using an AMS with automatic update. For example, NetForum Cloud by Community Brands offers the option of automatic update.  

What are automatic updates?

Automatic update are just that: They are update or updates to your software that happen automatically without you needing to schedule them. It’s similar to when you use a platform like Facebook, Google, or Twitter. You don’t necessarily know what version you’re using, but it’s always the most recent version because it’s just automatically updated. 

Why choose automatic updates with NetForum Cloud? bats

Here are four things to consider about automatic update with NetForum Cloud: 

1. It’s your choice – With most AMS systems, you either must plan for and manage product updates or the update are automatic. With NetForum Cloud, you get to decide: You can schedule the product update, or they can happen automatically while your organization sleeps – based on your location anywhere in the world

2. You’re always current – With automatic updates, you’ll know you’re always getting the full benefits of the product. NetForum Cloud releases 4 updates throughout the year, ensuring you’re always using the latest and greatest technology

3. There’s nothing to manage – Automatic updates means you just access the software when you need it and never have to deal with the complexities of managing software updates. That means more time for you and your staff to focus on your members and your organization

4. There’s no extra cost – There is no added charge for automatic updates. So even if you opt for the convenience of automation, there’s no need to worry about budgeting for it.

All of these benefits are also true for our existing customers. No one is being forced to move to the cloud and no one is being forced to do automatic updates. There will continue to be no charge for updates, too. All treats, no tricks!

Learn more about NetForum Cloud

NetForum Cloud delivers a modern AMS solution for mid-to-large sized associations. Learn more about how to get the functionality you need to maximize revenue, save staff time, and delight your association’s members without technical complexities: Explore NetForum Cloud. 


All treats, no tricks!

Learn more about NetForum Cloud's worry-free updates.

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