How to improve inefficient processes at your association

Inefficient processes can be a big challenge for associations. Here’s how to improve them.  how to improve inefficiencies

Association trends research by Community Brands shows that, overall, association professionals are optimistic about the future of associations. But they still face challenges and concerns in reaching their goals.

Get insights, strategies, and approaches from our partners and our own team on how to address association leadership challenges.

As we work with mid-to-large-sized associations like yours, and with our partners that serve associations, our team here at NetForum has seen four association management challenges emerge:

  • Inefficient processes
  • Not enough staff
  • Technology limitations
  • Budget constraints

These challenges converge on a common theme of the need to work more efficiently and do more with less.

Let’s take a look at the first challenge, inefficient processes, and how association management software (AMS) can help you address it.

Contributors to inefficient processes in associations

Inefficient processes can be an obstacle to achieving your association’s goals. Two big contributors to inefficient processes include:

  • Not maintaining data properly – The inability to collect and maintain updated data can significantly contribute to inefficiency.
  • Doing things the same old way – It’s not unusual for association staff to use inefficient processes because it’s simply the way things have always been done – even when there are faster and easier ways to accomplish tasks.

How to improve inefficient processes in your associationBoost profit

Streamlining your association’s processes helps your organization to run more smoothly. It also frees staff time so they can focus more on delivering member value and providing an excellent member experience.

NetForum AMS by Community Brands offers multiple ways to improve process efficiency for your association. For example:

  • Manage the organization from one system. NetForum includes extensive functionality so that your staff can manage data and processes for everything from membership processes and chapters to fundraising and accounting – all in one place. With a consolidated system to manage your organization, you can avoid the problem of disjointed data in multiple systems, which can slow your staff down through outdated data, reporting breakdowns, and inconsistent decision-making.
  • Automate manual processes. Using NetForum, you can automate common, manual tasks using a graphical workflow builder. For example, you could create a welcome email campaign that is automatically triggered when a new member joins. Or as members get closer to their renewal dates, send them an automated and personalized renewal email series.
  • Simplify complex accounting procedures. NetForum includes an accounting module designed to support integration of your financial data directly with the correct accounts in your accounting system. It helps your staff easily compile financial data to know where your company stands at any given moment.
  • Streamline gift processing. NetForum can help you handle gift processing more efficiently. For example, donor portal functionality allows donors and prospects to manage their own profiles, contact information, and donations online so that your team doesn’t need to re-key data. The information goes directly into the NetForum database. Also, batch gift entry in NetForum makes fast work of processing checks or credit cards received in person. It’s a quick way to input many gifts at once in a spreadsheet-type format, versus inputting gifts record-by-record.

Discover more solutions to top challenges for associations

Learn more about top challenges for associations and how you can address them – so you can get more done as your association grows and evolves. Read the paper, Overcoming Four Key Challenges in Association Leadership: Technology-Based Solutions for Leaders of Mid-to-Large-Sized Associations.

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Get insights, strategies, and approaches from our partners and our own team on how NetForum association management software (AMS) can help you address association leadership challenges – so you can get more done as your association grows and evolves.

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