Q&A with American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) 

We sat down with Katie McDaniels, Senior Manager of Finance and Operations at AICPA.

Here’s what she had to say about how NetForum Enterprise streamlined AICPA’s high-volume dues processing:

Q: What benefits have you experienced from working with NetForum Enterprise?

A: “It takes us approximately six months to set up and be prepared to run our dues process, and we have a dues season that lasts about three months, where about 80 percent of our dues come in. We use a very similar cycle with NetForum, but it’s a little bit quicker – a little bit more nimble.

We’ve actually had a pretty quick learning curve on implementing NetForum. The team has done really well at learning the ins and outs of the way the system works.”

Q: How has NetForum helped simplify your organization’s dues processing?

A: “One of the biggest changes that we’ve seen is we’ve eliminated the need for a ‘straggler dues run.’ That’s an internal term that we used to use as a way to sweep up members that were not picked up when we ran pro forma creation initially. This year, we were really excited that we had actually zero stragglers in our process and we didn’t have to run that process a second time. Historically, that process could run two or three times in our old system. So, it was a huge time saver. It gave us a lot of confidence in the data.”

Q: What do your members think about NetForum?

A: “Our members typically like the system and say that it’s easy to use.”

Q: Would you recommend NetForum to other associations?

A: “I would definitely recommend NetForum for a large association like ours. There are great teams behind the product.”

You can view the full video featuring Katie McDaniels here.

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