Tim Ward NetForum General Manager on Volunteer Appreciation Week


Join Tim Ward, NetForum General Manager, for a message about Volunteer Appreciation Week.

I’d like to take the time during Volunteer Appreciation Week to thank all the volunteers who help run associations. From the board members to the committee members and leaders, as well as everyone who is sharing their passion to further their associations mission.

Thank you for giving your time to causes like Life Sciences Trainers and Educators Network who work to advance global life sciences, learning and leadership.

And the National Council of State Housing Agencies who work with state level organizations that help to provide affordable housing to those who need it through advocacy and education

or the National Stone Sand and Gravel Association, whose work advances public policies that protect and expand the safe, environmentally responsible use of aggregates that build America’s infrastructure and economy.

Community brands is all about supporting mission driven¬†organizations. Our employees say it is one of the top reasons they choose to work here. We feel good every day knowing we’re supporting you in any way. So thank you to the volunteers supporting the association
industry. We appreciate you.

Your mission, is our purpose.

Learn more about Community Brands here.

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