NetForum and ElectionsOnline Integration

Your association regularly elects a new board of directors. Integrate the ElectionsOnline voting service with your Community Brands AMS to extract greater business intelligence from the election than merely who won the race.

NetForum Enterprise®, the very popular Association Management System (AMS) from Community Brands, plays quite nicely with ElectionsOnline’s online voting solution thanks to a no-cost integration available from Dovelox. And the benefits go well beyond determining who your next president will be. With a deeply integrated solution:

1. Voters may access the ballot by logging into your association’s website – something they’re already familiar with doing – instead of visiting a third-party website.

2. The ballot, while created and hosted by ElectionsOnline, is consumed into your own website and has whatever look and feel you wish to give it.

3. Voting activity is recorded, i006E real time, into your AMS where it may be factored into a member engagement score. To be clear voting activity does not mean the ballot itself. Ballots are still anonymous and recorded at ElectionsOnline, but the activity of voting may be captured in the AMS.

4. Because you know in real time who has and hasn’t voted, you may easily send a reminder at the midpoint of the election only to those who have not yet voted reminding them to do so.

5. Voter database stays current in real time. The alternative is to take a database snapshot of eligible voters prior to the start of the election and load that into the ElectionsOnline system. While no association election should last more than 10 days in the modern age, this snapshot becomes stale during the course of the election as members allow their general or section memberships to lapse from non-payment of dues and the like. Integration with an AMS ensures voter eligibility is current up to the second.

6. Integrate your online communities – assuming your association uses Higher Logic – with the election to increase awareness and drive higher voter participation. This is done by easily associating an I voted badge along with any member’s name who has already voted. That badge may then link to the ballot to encourage increased voter participation. Pulling off this little piece of election magic does however depend on integrating ElectionsOnline with your AMS.

7. Run customized voter activity reports from within your AMS. ElectionsOnline hosts the results, and also allows for customized filtering of those results by various voter demographics. However, you may wish to extract additional business intelligence using custom reporting available through your AMS. The most obvious example of this would be to run demographic-driven voting activity reports after the election in a case where you didn’t think to associate demographic data with the ballots while voting was underway.

This productized integration for NetForum and ElectionsOnline is ready for use right now, meaning all the discovery developers must go through to get two disparate systems working together has already been done. There will be no surprises and the installation can quickly be dropped into place without disruption to anything else you may have running.

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