NetForum AMS Announces New Website & Increased Support for Midsize to Enterprise Associations and Nonprofits

The changes reflect broader appeal, expanded service, and optimized implementation on an accelerated timeline 

October 19, 2023 – ST. PETERSBURG, FLA. – NetForum AMS, backed by Community Brands, is proud to announce a new and refreshed website, designed to better serve an expanded range of associations with comprehensive association management software (AMS) and added implementation options. The shift is reflected with a URL change to  

“The changes are geared toward associations that wish to implement a new AMS system quickly without heavy customization. For example, mid-size associations with a smaller implementation budget, or organizations that, for various reasons, are not having success with their current AMS and need to move quickly to a system that is a better fit,” said Tim Ward, NetForum General Manager. “The URL change to reflects our appeal to a new, broader audience.” 

NetForum, formally known as NetForum Cloud or NetForum Enterprise, identified and filled the need to better support midmarket to enterprise-level associations and nonprofits with a new off-the-shelf offering. With over 20+ years leading industry innovation and supporting member-based organizations, NetForum provides a robust association management system, tailored explicitly for the budgets or time constraints facing mid-to-large organizations. 

The new optimized implementation approach configures NetForum’s 10 most essential modules on an accelerated timeline of around 16 weeks. All product features and modules are available, which means once up and running, clients can choose to configure additional capabilities at their convenience. A few of the many benefits of the refreshed NetForum: NetForum press release

  • 2 adoption options to meet a wider range of needs 
  • 170+ NetForum staff members for support 
  • Quarterly user group meetings 

The first NetForum customer to go live with the new optimized adoption option, The Canadian Association of Emergency Physicians (CAEP), was live within 4 months, an over 50% reduction compared to a traditional, configured AMS currently on the market. They received the bundle of NetForum’s 10 most popular modules for a comprehensive AMS.  

“With our previous AMS, we had performance issues and a lot of lag time going from screen to screen,” said Christina Bova, Director, Member Engagement and Advocacy, CAEP. “Our association members are emergency room physicians. They don’t have time to sit around and wait for our system. We want to be respectful of their time because of how much they give of themselves. If they get fed up and walk away, then it is a loss of revenue for us. With NetForum, we are no longer facing this challenge. Our staff alone saves about an hour a day on an efficient, reliable, easy-to-use system.”  

Considered the national voice of emergency medicine (EM), CAEP provides continuing medical education, advocates on behalf of emergency physicians and their patients, supports research, and strengthens the EM community. In cooperation with other specialties and committees, CAEP also plays a vital role in the development of national standards and clinical guidelines, leading excellence in Emergency Medicine across Canada. 

Bova added, “I love the automated processes that are simple and easy time savers. [NetForum’s] expert staff, from implementation to support responses, are always efficient and timely. We no longer pay for patches or updates or receive surprise invoices. Now we get regular updates and keep our AMS current, all at one transparent cost.” 

Like CAEP, customers who choose the optimized adoption (versus the traditional, configurable adoption option) receive the 10-module bundle, and once they’re live, they can continue to add on to the system as their needs evolve. 

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