The modern association’s guide to microlearning

Understand what microlearning is and how it can help to improve your members professional development.

How to take your associations professional education programs to the next level.

While in-person courses remain popular, virtual learning experiences – especially microlearning experiences – are gaining ground because members want convenient digital experiences that fit into their busy, mobile enabled lives. 

Microlearning involves providing the learner with small, bite-sized content that they can consume quickly and easily. The concept of microlearning has evolved and become increasingly relevant to modern online learning. This paper includes what you need to know to incorporate microlearning into online learning program:

In this guide, you’ll find:

  • What microlearning is and who it’s for
  • Why microlearning is effective
  • How mobile technology is influencing microlearning
  • How to build a microlearning strategy
  • How to get started with microlearning
  • What technology supports microlearning

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