AMS Pricing Checklist

What every organization should know about how much an AMS costs.

If you’re looking for your organization’s next association management software (AMS), one of the first questions you’ll ask is “How must does it cost?” 

And it makes sense. Price is a big factor in any large purchase.  

But determining cost can be tricky. Multiple factors go into the cost of a new AMS system. Many costs are predictable if you know what to look for. However, others can lurk below the surface.  

This guide includes a checklist of key concepts to keep in mind about pricing and costs as you search for your next AMS, plus bonus tips for keeping your AMS price from escalating beyond your budget.

We will answer these questions and more: 

  • Pricing structure: How will you pay for the AMS? 
  • Requirements: What do you need the AMS to do? 
  • Implementation: How will you install and configure the AMS?
  • Operating costs: What will it take to manage the AMS?
  • Lifetime value: What will the value of the AMS be over time? 

Get the AMS Pricing Checklist today for the answers you need to avoid paying more due to poor planning. Download it here.


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