How NetForum Enterprise Empowers Members Along Their Career Journey

Supporting members from backpack to breifcase

NetForum’s association software stands out from the competition due to its ability to help associations manage their members from backpack to briefcase. From online learning to certification to career placement, NetForum engages and propels members along their member journey.

During this webinar, find out how NetForum’s powerful modules and integrations can power your organization’s mission and drive member growth and engagement.

What to expect in this webinar:

Introduction about NetForum and the Community Brands association software technology suite.

Learn more about NetForum’s robust member management modules and engagement scoring (A-score)

Integrations Sneak Peek: 

  • Credentialing Engine (Powered by Agilutions)
  • Job Board Functionality (YM Careers)
  • Learning Management (Crowd Wisdom/ Freestone)

Find out how NetForum customers are using NetForum’s credentialing engine, YM Careers (job boards), Freestone, and Crowd Wisdom (learning tech), to delight customers and increase revenue. 

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This webinar was previously recorded on September 10, 2019.

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