NetForum Events and Exhibit Management

Easily create and manage events, trade shows, and exhibits that delight attendees and exhibitors.

Easily track every detail of your association’s events – from workshops and regional conferences to your annual meeting.

Manage your trade shows and exhibits, including booth inventory, the sale and invoicing of booth space, and exhibitor staff information.

Give your event staff on-the-go access so they can retrieve and update details from anywhere – even the event site.

Use NetForum’s A-Score to drive a customer experience that members can’t resist

How do you create a customer experience that meets (or exceeds) today’s member expectations? Start with engagement scoring.

Manage every aspect of your association’s events.

Event management

Manage multiple events, and even copy past event details to simplify future setup of similar events. Track and manage every event detail, including sponsorships, pricing structures based on membership type or status, payments/cancellations/refunds, session and break-out group details, waiting lists, hotel meeting rooms, audio/visual needs, food service, equipment and furniture, room setup, attendance numbers, special needs, and more.

Exhibit management

Tracks all details of your trade shows and exhibits, including trade show locations and dates, booth purchases and inventory, unique pricing structures, special fees for sponsored activities and special events, exhibitor billing and receipting, exhibitor checklists, and exhibitor participation history.

Speaker management

Organize speakers, lecture materials, and program evaluations and feedback. You can assign speakers to individual or group sessions; distribute speaker presentations and other materials; track multiple speakers, presentations, and audio/visual needs; search for speakers based on key topics or past evaluations; and manage special speaker rates, hotel requirements, and travel details.

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