NetForum Enterprise: E-Commerce Solutions For Associations

NetForum provides members with a streamlined online shopping experience while tying the data directly into your membership view.


  • Offer members a convenient way to join, renew, register for events, and buy products.

  • Drive revenue by selling products, including merchandise and publications, online.

  • Simplify all aspects of online sales – from inventory management to accounting.

How to Attract New Members for Long-Term Success

Tips and technique for large associations

Allow your members to easily join or renew, register for events, and buy products online.

Convenient online store experience

Allow your members to pay for their membership, settle invoices, register events, and purchase products through the convenience of an online store. Present members with only the prices for which they are eligible based on their membership status and allow them to apply discounts to their purchases.


Simplified online store management

NetForum e-commerce connects with your inventory management and accounting tools to simplify all aspects of online sales. You can easily add new products, such as merchandise and publications, and automatically flow orders for shippable products into the fulfillment queue.

Easy payment management

Charge credit cards in real-time through a third-party payment processor, and automatically batch transactions to your accounting package. You can also accept donations with product orders and allow for multi-currency transactions.

 Learn more about how NetForum AMS can help you drive revenue and offer members a convenient online store experience.

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