NetForum Enterprise: Advanced AMS Reporting & Dashboards

Reporting is critical to the success of your organization – gain the visibility you need for smarter, faster decisions when it comes to managing your association.


  • Allow non-technical staff members to build the reports for the data they need.

  • Give advanced users the ability to create and modify their own SQL queries into the database.

  • Give all staff members to use configurable dashboards for quick looks at key metrics, and the ability to drill down for more details.

How to Attract New Members for Long-Term Success

Tips and technique for large associations

NetFourm’s advanced querying, reporting, and analysis tools give you the insights you need to move your association forward.

Standard and configurable reports

Use NetForum’s more than 300 standard reports or modify them to create new reports. Non-technical users can use drop-down lists to easily configure the reports they need, while more advanced users can create and modify reports using SQL statements. Users also can export lists into third-party tools for further analysis.

Business intelligence dashboards

Configure Netforum’s dashboards to view key performance metrics for membership, events, finances, and more. In just a few clicks, users can drill into graphs or charts to view the data behind them.

 Learn more about how NetForum AMS can give you the insights you need to manage your association.

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