How to Welcome New Members to Your Association

The moment new members join your association, they begin to form an impression of your organization. Eventually, those ideas will inform their decision to stick around (or not) when their membership renewal date comes around. That’s why the way you bring them on board is so important.

Here are some effective approaches for getting new memberships off to a great start:

Thank them.
It’s a simple gesture, but thanking new members for joining goes a long way toward making them feel happy they made the decision to join. Here are some ideas:

  • When members join online, be sure to provide a “thank you” confirmation page and auto-email to acknowledge their new membership.
  • Take it to the next level by sending a personalized email or hand-written note (or even take a moment to call) to thank each new member for joining your organization.
  • Consider listing new members in your email newsletter in a “Welcome, new members!” section to make them feel appreciated.

Send a new member “welcome” packet.
This could include a logo item from your association, or maybe a book or a copy of a valuable industry resource. It could also include a guide with important information about their new membership, including:

  • An overview of the organization.
  • A list of the benefits they now receive as a member of your association, including learning, networking, and career opportunities.
  • Important dates, such as your annual conference and other events throughout the year.
  • A list of your association’s social media accounts and how to follow them.
  • Key volunteer opportunities and other ways to get involved.

Make them feel at home.
Get new members feeling comfortable and connected with your organization by sending them an onboarding email series. This series of emails should let them know what communications to expect, where to go for information, and how to take advantage of the benefits of their new membership.

TIP: Simplify and streamline the process of welcoming new members to your organization. Use process automation capabilities in NetForum Enterprise to set up an automated member onboarding email series.

Here are some ideas for what to include in your member onboarding email series:

  • Let them know what communications you’ll be sending them, such as your member newsletter, and how often they’ll receive those communications.
  • Direct them to online resources, such as your calendar of events, career center, and online learning courses. Be sure to give them links and instructions about how to log in and set up user profiles.
  • Make sure they know who to contact at your organization or where to go online if they have questions or would like to give feedback about their member experience.
  • Ask for their feedback. For example, send new members a short survey after their first 30 days of membership to find out how their member experience is going so far and what your organization could do to make it better.

New members can decide if they’re going to continue on with your organization long-term within the first weeks of joining your association. Make sure your members love your organization from day one, and you’ll keep them around for years to come.

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