How to spend less on new association management software

Multiple factors go into the cost of a new association management software system. 

Here’s one thing associations can do to help lower the price. 

When you’re searching for your next association management software (AMS), one of the first things you’ll probably want to know is how much it costs. In truth, multiple factors go into the cost of a new AMS system – such as pricing structure of the specific AMS, number of people at your organization who will be using the software, and more. So, the cost is different for each organization.  

But there’s something you can do to help minimize the cost of the AMS for your organization: Define what you need your new AMS system to do. Further, remember that “CEOs, along with CIOs and CTOs, are most likely to take ownership of digital transformation efforts. CEOs don’t need to know every detail about what making that change entails. But they’ll need the awareness of how important the transformation is, and what it will take to get an organization behind it.” according to the Association’s Now blog A Leader’s Role in a Digital-First Strategy. While gathering your requirement list, keep in mind your ultimate decision-makers and gather the data to support your request.

Making a (streamlined) AMS requirements list

As with any buying decision, you’ll make the best purchase when you take some time to think about what you truly need. So, before you start shopping, gather a list of requirements for your new AMS.  

As you make this list, you’ll probably find that there are many different business processes across your organization that the new system needs to support. And it can seem that the more people you talk to in your organization, the longer your list of requirements gets. But consider that a longer list means more complexity; and more complexity means additional cost. 

That’s why taking an extra step to streamline your requirements list will help you end up with the functionality you need at a lower cost. Here are some tips: 

  • For each requirement, ask yourself why it’s a requirement.

    Keep in mind that trying to move your existing processes step-by-step, exactly as they’re done today, into a new system might not be the most efficient or cost-effective approach. Every AMS handles processes differently, and there might be a new way in a new system to achieve the same result. So, in your requirements list, be sure to focus on what your organization needs to accomplish, versus how you will achieve it in the AMS.

Tip: An established AMS provider will be able to listen to your requirements and tell you how their AMS can solve your problem.  The NetForum Cloud team is happy to create custom demos that walk you through solutions to your association’s issues.

  • Prioritize your requirements.

    List your most urgent and important requirements first. That way, if needed, you can adopt a phased implementation that addresses your most basic requirements first, and then move on to more complicated processes or unique requirements in a later phase. This approach can help you get started with a new AMS solution faster while pushing some implementation costs to a later date.

Tip: Consider an AMS that comes with most of the features on your list. For example, NetForum Cloud comes with 31+ modules out of the box.

  • Stick to the requirements list as best you can.

    Changes to your requirements once you choose an AMS system and get started on implementing it can result in added costs. So, try to stick with your original list. If you need to make adjustments, be sure to have an approval process for changes that must go through internal project management personnel. This will help filter out “wants” from actual business “needs.”

 Tip: Not sure what should be included on your requirements? Check out the top 12 reasons customers choose NetForum to learn more about what you should be getting from your AMS.  

Learn more 

Your association’s requirements are just one aspect of AMS pricing. Learn more about the other factors that go into AMS pricing by downloading the free AMS Pricing Checklist today.   

Everything you need to know before buying an AMS

Get the AMS Pricing Checklist today for the answers you need to avoid paying more due to poor planning.

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