Meeting the changing certification and credentialing needs of your members

What today’s members are demanding and how you can meet their needs more effectively.  

The face of certification and credentialing is changing.   

Certification management has long been a strength of NetForum – and part of that commitment is adapting to support changing needs. There’s change in the air today in the certification realm and associations with certification programs (and more importantly their constituents) are leading the charge. 

The changing face of certification and credentialing
More organizations are investing in and developing new certification and credentialing programs to deliver member value and boost revenue. At the same time, members (like all consumers) are expecting and demanding that information and products be available immediately with a click of a button. They now want to gain knowledge and demonstrate their qualifications at a moment’s notice.  

Gone are the days when a member is willing to spend years preparing for (and hours taking) a high-stakes exam, and then spending large application fees for an all-encompassing certification when their career goals only cover a fraction of the knowledge domain. Today, they want a simpler, less expensive option, and they want it now. Specialization has proven to be better than generalization, with more and more associations meeting the need by offering micro-credentials or digital badging as a competency-based alternative to bulky and broad credentials. 

A case in point
Take the industry of financial management. One commonly sought credential, once complete, gives the certificant expertise in several principal categories: general finance, education planning, risk management, insurance, investment planning, tax planning, estate planning, retirement savings, and income management. While the credential is prestigious and highly respected, there is a high abandonment rate, as the time and monetary investment are high and the exam is quite difficult.  

So why would a professional, working strictly in the field of estate planning, go through these traditional “hoops,” when there are certificate programs specifically targeting estate planning that are recognized and still give the recognition they seek at a fraction of time and expense? 

Streamlining certification and credentialing for the “grab-and-go” era
The concept of pursuing only certification that’s targeted to a specific field and can be obtained in real time feeds the growing “gig economy.” People are no longer saying with the same job for 30 years, but rather making lateral and vertical moves across multiple industries. So, bulky and broad credentialing is not appealing. Today’s workforce wants faster, more focused options. 

As associations begin to diversify and grow their credentialing portfolio, the need for technology that can simplify this new era of learning becomes essential. 

Technology to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of certification and credentialing
That’s why the new NetForum Cloud incorporates credentialing management capabilities to bring associations a powerful credentialing management solution that supports the changing certification needs of associations. NetForum’s credentialing software helps you streamline and automate your certifications processes and manage your credentialing program. It’s an essential part of any certification program, enabling your staff to streamline processes and empower learners with greater visibility and participation in the certification process.  

NetForum  customers offering courses and certifications also can now take advantage of sophisticated analytics through Nucleus, the first analytics solution developed specifically for associations. Like NetForum Enterprise, Nucleus is part of the Community Brands family.  It offers packages for specifically for analytics around associations’ learning and certifications programs, giving you insights that make it easy to spot learning trends, measure course activity, and track and analyze the certification journey of each individual participant. These capabilities give you the ongoing insights you need to meet the evolving needs of your members. 

Learn more
Find out more about how NetForum can streamline your certification and credentialing program: Explore the Credentialing Engine, 

Discover more about how to enhance your learning and certification programs with data insights. Explore Nucleus. 

Take the next step 

These are just a few of the ways the new NetForum Cloud can help with learning and credentialing. Take the next step, see it for yourself! Request a Conversation. 


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