NetForum Enterprise + YM Careers®

Help members take that next step in their career with the industry leader in job boards

Career opportunities are the number one reason people join a membership organization, and if done well, it will keep them engaged and coming back. Give members a trusted place to find personalized jobs opportunities tailored to their interests and career stage, and be the premier job resource within your industry.

Deliver more value to members

Personalized job opportunities to job seekers based on background, skillset, and level of experience.
Premium and unique jobs not found in other channels.
Tailored communications based on individual job seeker preferences.
Career coaching, resume critiquing, professional networking, and other supportive services.

Realize greater returns for your organization

Boost engagement and retention by bringing job board insights back into NetForum Enterprise.
Grow membership by better identifying and marketing to non-member job seekers.
Increase job board revenue by up to 35%.

Working together, bringing new members.

sent to associations each year


customer retention

more associations than any other job board provider

Add a YM Careers job board to your NetForum Enterprise AMS today.


Collect new member leads

Capture contact information of non-members who visit your career center and sign up as job seekers. Easily place calls to action on your job board to encourage member sign-ups. Your career center and AMS share contact information of non-member job seekers for your use in new member marketing and acquisition efforts.

Recruit new members

Easily access non-member contact information in your AMS for use in member marketing and acquisition efforts that convert leads into new members.

Gain insights into member and non-member activity

Automatically collect and save member activity from your job board to the member record in your AMS for a complete view of member interactions with your association that can drive more informed member marketing efforts.

Provide greater member value

Allow members to opt in to receive job recommendations based on their AMS member profile data, such as job title and location, giving them the ability to passively search for new career opportunities.

Learn how the powerful combination of NetForum Enterprise and YM Careers can help you improve member acquisition and engagement.

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