Enterprise Training

We’re committed to making your life easier.

Not only do we provide association management software that helps you get more done with less, but our training and support is always at your convenience.

Our trainers regularly conduct live training classes at our offices in McLean, Va., and Chicago – or we’ll travel to you. And with NetForum’s complete array of technical group training, online help, recorded webinars and live classes, you’re sure to get the help you need, when and how you need it.

NetForum Enterprise training efforts include:

  • Technical Group Training – Check out our most up-to-date list of group training opportunities in Virginia and Chicago. Classes range from data modeling and NetForum Toolkit management to reporting services and CMS, with future training sessions including xWeb, Workflow and Dashboards.
  • Personalized Training – Personalized in-house or onsite training sessions are also available at an extra cost. Based on needs identified during the SRA phase of your implementation, we’ll tailor the agenda to equip you how you need to be equipped.
  • AUDC Conference – NetForum’s annual users and developers conference is the perfect place to obtain comprehensive training and share best practices with your peers. There are multiple tracks to help turn your association executives, IT staff and even new employees into NetForum power users.
  • Webinars – Take advantage of our AMS expertise by viewing a netFORUM webinar. Most webinars run 30-60 minutes and look into individual system functionality to help you simplify your association life – all without ever leaving the comfort of your office.
  • Set-Up Help – Through recorded webinars and help from trainers and business analysts, we’ll walk you through the set-up for each NetForum module (e-Commerce, e-Marketing, inventory, etc.) step by step.
  • Wiki – The Wiki is the perfect self-help resource for those of you who like to solve things on your own. Filled with technical and best practices information, this is the one-stop resource for every user on every aspect of NetForum.
  • Tips of the Week – You’ll receive weekly e-mails, written by NetForum’s experienced training staff, that detail simple tricks and suggestions to improve your AMS experience and make your life easier.

Training doesn’t end when you turn in your evaluations. Learning NetForum is an ongoing process, and we’re committed to making sure you have the tools and support you need to be successful. For more information on our training schedule please contact us.