What to consider when shopping for new software

Learn how to find the next member management software for your mid-to-large size organization.


When you select an association management system (AMS), you have multiple considerations to weigh. You have members to keep happy, expectations to meet, and a mission to serve. 

The software you choose will determine if you will have the tools you need to meet these expectations, engage members, and drive revenue – today, and in the future. 

But when it comes to buying new membership management software for your association, where do you start? What features will enable your staff to best serve your members? What type of user experience and benefits are most valuable to your members? How do you get approval for the new technology purchase? 

In this guide, you’ll learn: 

  • How to time a new AMS implementation 
  • Basic functionality and technology considerations and questions to ask vendors 
  • Tips on how to prepare a business case for your new AMS
  • How to get ready to move your data to a new AMS 

Download the buyer’s guide to get started finding your next association management software. 


Download the guide