ASA finds the perfect AMS + LMS match to reach their goals


ASA chose NetForum and its optimized adoption, which provided ASA with a templated implementation and out-of-the-box modules to onboard within five months. The organization selected Freestone learning management system because the platform exceeded the organization’s LMS needs.

ASA anticipates that the native integration of NetForum and Freestone will make it easy for ASA to hit member engagement goals, converting non-members into members through ASA webinars, and develop new pricing strategies for their products. Thus far, ASA is greatly pleased with the ease and user-friendliness of NetForum and Freestone.

About American Society on Aging (ASA)

ASA’s work is framed around five priorities: Ageism & Culture, Economic Security, Innovation & Social Impact, Health & Well-being and Equity & Justice. ASA’s programs are designed to promote actionable change in each area individually and as they intersect.